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In an age of fake news & propaganda, we pride ourselves in being Kenya’s first, reliable corporate reporting platform. We tell our partners’ corporate stories through digital article publications, video, podcasts & SMEs/ Founders features.

Our dedicated team will come to your press briefings, have one on one interviews with you & your team & ensure to capture exactly that which you wish to communicate to your target audience.

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We are Kenya’s number one corporate publishing platform. We publish our corporate partners’ communications, i.e Reports, whites papers, press releases, financial statements for public listed companies. We also run Kenya’s number one corporate podcast.

Corporate Network.

Monthly corporate executives marketing & networking platform designed to help form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.


The Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Conference on Trade & Development, KENCTAD, powers the entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, i.e Govt, Academia & Private sector. We achieve this through industry partnerships.

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Project Involvement.

Our partnerships are intentional & result driven. We thus choose strategic partners with whom we are able to engage in event design so as to ensure a three way value positioning. i.e for the delegates, the partners & KENCTAD. It is by ensuring that we only partner with organizations that are truly invested in our area of focus; theme - that KENCTAD has been able to adapt to the ever changing entrepreneurial ecosytem.


We have been able to build a community that is value based. Our delegates understand that by attending our conferences, they have a guarantee to engage with their peers. Organizations too are able to get real time feedback from their potential clients. The collaborative culture that mushrooms during our conferences is something that even us had not projected. It is a value4value platform


KENCTAD partners with mainstream & digital media platforms as a way to bring awareness on our partners' projects. This allows us to reach bigger masses than we usually would . we also ensure to capture our conferences on video. This is content that is readily available to our partners for awareness purposes. Our big social media following is also one that our partners get to tap into.

Branding & Marketing

Digital media is a key componet for business today. However, offline experiential marketing still plays a major role in consumer enagement. By partnering with us, you get a gurantee that you will be able to interact with potential clients. This also gives room for real time product feedback. Our branding options also give you visibilty at our event.


Each organization has different goals & expectations especially when it comes to partnerships. We thus ensure to meet our partners at their point of need & not use a one size fits all approach. When working with us, we ensure to understand that which you seek to achieve then curate a solution we believe has the capabilty to give you value.

Speaker Opportunity

By having theme specific events, we only engage indusrty experts in different fields. By deciding to work with you as a speaker during our conferences, there is an industry leader positioning that comes with it. We however work closely with our speakers so as to ensure our platform is not turned into a marketing event but one which gives value to the participating delegates.

Project Involvement.
Branding & Marketing
Speaker Opportunity
Other Services

SMEs & Corporate Media

Solutions & Services

KENCTAD Media, our media arm, seeks to help you position you as an industry leader by designing & executing digital concepts for you & your organization.

Our solutions vary from publications, video production, podcasts design, photography, copyrighting & web based applications. To successfully help you take advantage of this avenues, a detailed R&D option is done for you.

Video Production
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