In Kenya, this COVID-19 situation has had many of us in a ” naked in-front of your mother in law ” scenario for the longest. 3 Months to be specific. We have seen a craze of overnight event planners/ organisers, a big thank you to a sudden realisation that webinars are a thing.

Side note: As a full time event organiser, you now have to compete with every single person who has access to a laptop, has Skype, zoom or any of these webinar apps. Interesting times.

As a small business owner/ creator I have been forced to adapt. And I use the word ‘force’ very intentionally. You see, for the longest time, whenever we organise The Kenyan Entrepreneurs’ Conference on Trade & Development, KENCTAD. The one thing that I have always pushed for is a conversation on the need to adapt to the changing times. To be honest, as an events person, it never crossed my mind that this is advise I’d need to chew on myself.

Pity party aside, let’s talk about what is currently happening. Many of us are in a situation where we have been forced to adapt & start looking at other alternatives, for us it has been bringing to life the digital media aspect of KENCTAD [ The Kenyan Entrepreneur YouTube Account & GumzoAfrica Podcast ]. With this however, most of us have been feeling paralysed. We are more concerned about what people think of us & what we do, we have exposed ourselves to situations that have sort of in a way given people leverage over us & the constant fear of how we portray ourselves in their eyes has had us STUCK.

In this episode of The Kenyan Entrepreneur, I talk about this! Listen in.

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